And now something spam related (not the meat product)!

We here at ‘Monday’ have no shame. So it’s without any further ado I would like to spam my readers, er, I mean shamelessly plug promote this wonderful blog. We like to get something for nothing, and to that end we’re going to try to get you to expose us. Here’s how: Blogarama is a web directory that ‘Monday’ has been submitted to. They will expedite the review process if ‘Monday’ gets 10 unique clicks. So what I’d like you to do is go to the sidebar, and click on the little badge that says Blogarama (it’s the one with the red box and a white check mark in it). It’s just that easy. Also I would like you to do a few other things, while you’re on the sidebar, click on the other badges (and the project wonderful ads at the top as well). If you have a Twitter or Facebook account I would like you to share posts you find interesting. If you use Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit, share us with those too.

Together we can make a difference. Well not really, but maybe you can make me some money by bringing more web-traffic. Also if you have suggestions on future articles let me know and I’ll at least consider them. (More than likely I will just take the idea, change it a little bit, make an article from it, and not even let you know that it was your idea I used. The Wellington men are class acts all the way, just check out my about page.)

Until ‘Monday’

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