Waste your time searching for personal development and self-help articles.

The web is full of articles on improving yourself, personal development and self-help. The trick is to make yourself think you want to do all of this stuff even though really you want to waste some time. It’s easier to say, “I was productive today because I was looking up articles on Time Management, and Overcoming Procrastination.” We don’t want to be actually productive more than we just want to say we do. I don’t know how many times I looked up articles on self-discipline only to have 50 articles of them and opening them on a new tab and just reading them one by one.

Even better yet read each and every comment and trackback that are on the more popular ones. Some of the more popular blog’s like the 4 Hour Work Week’s Tim Ferris have 300 or more comments and you can read until the cows come home. In fact the people who comment on these blogs actually tend to leave links to THEIR blogs where you can read some of their self-help articles and the comments on those, ad nauseum. Pick any self-help, personal development, self-improvement topic and have at it.

Here are some example topics: Self-improvement, self-help, personal development, time management, productivity, getting things done, sleep hacking, life hacking, weight loss, strength training, speed reading, goal setting, and so on. (See what I’m doing here, I’m actually wasting time and generating content by just repeating the same words over in a different sentence. This kind of regurgitation is actually beyond the scope of this article, however if you look for upcoming articles you can see examples of this.)

Try to read up on the top ten lists, those are always fun and the most easy to read. They can be in the form of “XX tips on “. Top-ten lists don’t necessarily mean exactly 10. Just Googling these topics can waste you some decent amount of time. Also try to comment if you can on a particular article, maybe you have something to say because you’re not busy actually doing stuff (we don’t want to do stuff here, we just want to talk a lot.) If you do this I guarantee you’ll waste hours and hours and hours. And isn’t that what we’re all here for?

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