A Word About Privacy

Privacy policies seem to be in vogue right now. Indeed sometimes we want to be reassured that our information isn’t going to be spread around the net. I don’t know all the legal stuff that goes on in a privacy policy, but I will disclose what I think you might need to know.

Obviously with advertisements through Google Adsense and Project Wonderful, they tend to collect aggregate data. You’ll have to go to each of the websites to see what they collect. I just wanted to be upfront about that.

Secondly I have a plugin called Jetpack for my blog which uses WordPress. It also connects to WordPress.com in order to manage subscriptions and maintain things like stats. The blog following option under the sidebar is a feature of Jetpack. Basically when you enter your email address it subscribes to my blog via WordPress.com You can review it’s own privacy policy there.

At this point in time I have not had the blog running long enough to see if I would actually be able to see these email addresses. My guess is probably not since it just goes through WordPress.com. If I do ever see your email address I will never give it out to third parties nor even use it myself without prior permission (for instance if I had a newsletter later, and that would be totally separate from this.)

Just know that I’m not doing anything with any information you send through my blog. That being said, if you’re that worried about it, you don’t have to follow my blog with the box in the sidebar.

If you think I need to write an official templated privacy policy, or have any specific questions, please feel free to comment.

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