Demotivate Yourself!

Demotivate yourself! Feel apathetic, lethargic, and generally like not doing anything.

If motivation is the act of getting motivated meaning to prompt to action, then demotivation is the act of stopping action. We at ‘Monday’ strive not to be motivated to do anything. We want to become lazy and slothful. Anything that gets you moving either mentally or physically is against the whole idea of ‘I’ll do it on Monday’. Motivation can make you do stuff to be productive, to have fun, or do something meaningful. Since we’re against that, we like to propose some tips on demotivating yourself.

Don’t listen to music. Music is both motivational and inspirational, especially music you like. If you have to listen to music make sure it’s something that you hate, maybe country music or rap. (No disrespect to those who like country music and/or rap music, but these are the most commonly disliked forms of music.) Also if you have to listen to music make sure to pick a song that slow, even if you like it. In most cases the slow songs we like don’t really tend to motivate, but more to make us feel a certain way. So firstly music you hate, and secondly slow music you like.

Don’t get up and move. The word motive and move come from the same roots. Motive is motion. Don’t exercise. Just lie around the house and watch TV. While this not an article about making yourself depressed, watch TV and in particular the news (in fact that’s a good time waster, but you can read more about that in another article entitled “Waste your time for fun and profit”. There’s nothing more depressing than the news all the killings, fires, and other crimes. This will also demotivate you at the same time as it depresses you.

Pick a huge project and don’t break it into smaller steps. This is the same as you do with procrastination, but it’s also a good demotivator. With a huge project so overwhelming you can’t possibly do it, nothing can demotivate you faster than a project you can’t overcome. Make it something completely hard or that wastes a lot of time. Math for example. I almost didn’t graduate high school because of Math homework. Doing long division is pretty good at demotivating. Writing articles that you don’t want to on a subject that bores you.

Make sure whatever you do to waste time or be lazy is not fun at all. That’s right the less fun you have the less it motivates you to continue it. You can waste time with something fun, but if it’s not fun it will surely demotivate you. Nothing motivates better than something fun, and something that makes you move combined with something fun, say skiing is a no-no here on ‘Monday’. Don’t do it, or else you will be having fun and maybe being productive.

Lastly stay up late and wake up late. If you go to bed past midnight, you’ll probably wake up late and not feel that motivated to do anything. Then you can actually just lie in bed until it gets too late. Being hung over will help with that. If you partied too hard last night and you have a hangover this morning then you definitely will feel unmotivated.

There are probably more ways to demotivate yourself but I don’t feel motivated to find them. In fact I’m going to probably go and waste some time now and be otherwise unproductive.

Until ‘Monday’.

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