How to write the same article in hundreds of different ways.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never really written one article many different ways, but I would like to. Actually that’s not entirely true, I have made a couple of articles that are some what similar, like How To Waste Time For Fun and Profit, 10 Awesome Internet Time Sinks, 5 Tips for Procrastination, De-motivate Yourself, and probably others I will write in the future. So that gives me enough authority to write about this. Well not really because, like, it’s me and I wouldn’t trust me with anything.

In any case here is some advice on how to write the same article in hundreds of different ways.

Pick a topic you’re interested in and divide it into different aspects. Not unlike taking a big project and dividing it up into smaller steps, this will not make you more productive. But like when you pretend to work or try to be lazy this can be used for busy work. Let’s say time management is your topic and you’re going to write an article on time boxing (See Time Unboxing for more info not time boxing).

There may be several techniques to time boxing, let’s say, the Pomodoro technique a method in which you set your slot of time for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break in between each, or the procrastination dash where your time box is only a few minutes, or maybe you want to build up to a longer time period and start at 1 minute and break for a minute, then increase the time worked until you’re up to 20 straight minutes, or maybe you want to decrease the time by starting at the 20 minutes, or maybe you want to just spend 30 minutes on a task or project and then decide to switch to something else.

All of these are basically the same thing, setting aside a period of time in which to do work. (We’re not a big fan of work around here but I’m making a point, so bear with me.) You can disguise the same article about time boxing as these different time intervals. Stacked, with-or-without breaks, descending intervals, fixed intervals with no break, a circuit where you automatically switch tasks when the timer rings, etc. There’s no limit as to how many timeboxing articles you could write with this.

You could also pick items that are similar to each other but not exactly the same and write about them. For instance, overcoming procrastination (which we don’t condone), or increasing motivation (which we don’t condone), or overcoming laziness (which we don’t condone). These are pretty much the same things, you just write it a little differently. You can even copy parts of one into another, and just rearrange it. It’s just that easy.

Now you should go and write one article 20 ways with confidence. It’s an unlimited source of traffic to your site to have hundreds of articles. In fact I think I’m going to do that myself, that way I don’t have to finish writing articles for the rest of the year. Only need to do it for half or a quarter of the year and regurgitate the same information over and over.

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