Ten reasons why top-ten lists are great!

I was going to write the top ten pros and cons of top ten lists as it applies to “I’ll do it on Monday”. I was googling information about top ten lists, and coming up with, you guessed it, top ten lists, procrastinating contently by reading said lists, when I came across an article on ContactMusic named “10 reasons Why Top 10 Lists Suck” and I thought, “This is why Top Tens are great.” So even though it’s only my second post I’m going to take this list apart one by one. Another great tenet of “I’ll do it on Monday” is to take the path of least resistance, which in this case means basing my article off another article. (You’ll learn about this in a future article called ‘Copy your way to the top, or why it pays to plagiarize’). Please note, I’m not so much contradicting the original article on ContactMusic as I am agreeing with the author but toward an eye on being lazy and apathetic, the creed of “I’ll Do It On Monday!”

“1. They NEVER, EVER, EVER, correlate with the truth.”

The author’s assertion is that it’s actually opinion of the person who made the top ten list. This is for the most part true, and it’s why we like it here. We don’t have to have facts to back up our opinions here at “Monday”. We’ll just call it “the truth”.

“2. If you buy that last magazine of the year, filled with retrospectives and top 10 lists, all you are doing is telling the guys at the top that it is OK to be lazy.”

The author says you send a message that you stopped caring about new music and movies and fashion and that the people at the top are laughing at you while they essentially cut and paste stuff they did during the year for knowing you’ll be paying for it. To that I say that’s the way we like it, get as much as you can for as little work as possible.

“3. Top 10 lists are simply an opportunity to spread apathy.”

The author says top ten lists makes people follow other people blindly by telling us exactly who to like and who not to like. Well apathy is our middle name here at ‘I’ll do it on Monday!’ We want to be apathetic; we don’t want to do for ourselves. Following the crowd is easier and thus the way we like to do it here.

“4. Generally speaking, there are never 10 things decent enough to legitimately populate a Top 10 list.”

This is another thing we agree on. But that’s the great thing about top ten lists you don’t have to legitimately populate it. You can populate it with whatever you want and instantly it’s spread over the internet like wildfire.

“5. Top Ten lists are patronizing. They tell us that we cannot think for ourselves.”

Here at ‘Monday’ we don’t WANT to think for ourselves. We want these top ten lists to tell us what to think and who to listen to and how to be. It’s what it’s all about.

“6. People that write Top Ten lists are simply trying to usher us to an early grave. Because essentially, the majority of Top 10 lists are ‘things to do / buy before you die’.”

While I agree that’s probably the case, I don’t tend to like to think that they might be trying to get us to get things done, even if it is before we die. We don’t really want to do anything here, so really this is one of the things that are not so good about top ten lists.

“7. You already know the answers before you even read them. We know what the Number one album of the year is, because it already won all the awards and spent all the weeks of the year at number one.”

This supposes you have paid attention to the awards shows or radio charts. Which if you follow our philosophy here at ‘Monday’ you probably haven’t. But this too is a great thing about top ten lists; it TELLS you what’s in the top ten, so you don’t HAVE to pay attention to who won what awards. Need to study the greatest music over the last few years? (Note that we aren’t advocating study, which is, actual work) See what movies were nominated for the Oscars for that film school course? Top Ten lists to the rescue!

“8. The innate subjectivity of the creation of most Top 10 lists is enough to send your average fan of music / film / whatever into a schizophrenic rage”

Actually that wouldn’t be a description of your ‘average’ fan, now would it? But we’re not even average fans; we’re half-hearted fans here at ‘Monday’.

“9. Hands up if you can remember who released the Top 10 albums of 2010? Or the Top 10 movies? Who topped the polls for Sexiest man of the Year?”

That’s also what makes top ten lists great. It helps us to forget, because really we don’t care about the top ten movies of 2010 (or in this case 2011?) or the sexiest man of the year (who the heck comes up with these things?)

“10. See point 4.”

This also makes our point. See that wasn’t so hard. The author didn’t have to make a number 10 as they were probably too lazy to do so. If you take offense at this remember we applaud such things; however I will take it back if it offends you. So to the author of this article on ContactMusic.com we applaud you!

If you would like to read the original article go here –

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