5 Jobs you don’t need to be very smart to perform.

There are plenty of jobs that don’t require many smarts, although some require some basic math. That’s the only bad news, since here at ‘Monday’ we don’t really cotton on to any learning of any kind. As long as you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide then everything should be cool.

  1. Cashier – These only take some basic math skills and rudimentary people skills. You just need to know how to make change and be polite.
  2. Sales – Sales just requires some guts. While you don’t need book smarts to be a salesperson, you may need some sort of intuition. You’re trying to get someone to buy something they may not need or even be interested in. This mostly comes from experience though rather than a lot of knowledge.
  3. Burger Flipper – Working at a fast food chain doesn’t require a lot of brain power. You just need to be fast and able to take orders and direction well. Most teenagers flip-burgers because you make money without a lot of mental power. Although sometimes it can be physical demanding.
  4. Pizza Deliverer – Make some money on tips while driving pizzas to people‚Äôs homes. You only need to be able to drive and a valid drivers license. What’s easier than giving pizza to someone and having them hand you money?
  5. Warehouse worker – You only need a little bit of coordination and some strength. Stocking shelves, working forklifts, nothing too mentally challenging. You can even end up making a decent living.

I only chose 5 but there are many more. How many other jobs can you think of that don’t require smarts, or a diploma, or a GED. Leave some comments to that fact.

Until ‘Monday’

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