Decrease your web traffic while still creating content.

We all know how most websites want more traffic, to be able to make more money with ads and affiliate sales, and what not. But have you ever felt you wanted to decrease traffic? Why would you want to decrease traffic while still creating content? For one thing writing articles are a good way to be unproductive. (Refer back to my article on being unproductive by writing blog posts). Also you may not want to invest as much time in your blog. Chances are if you’re reading our articles, you are trying to waste some time which is a noble effort. Maybe you don’t want to be scrutinized for your writing. Sure you could write stuff offline, in fact just writing stories may be just the ticket, or maybe you don’t need a blog at all. Maybe you have so much traffic it’s actually costing you money. In fact I’ll explore this in a future article on losing your money.

Okay so what are some of the ways we can decrease web traffic?
Don’t create great content. If the content is compelling enough, they will come. So make your articles terrible. Write about stuff you don’t have any knowledge about. Quote others frequently.

Another way is to put up new content infrequently or an unsteady frequency. Put some articles on once a week, some not for a month, and some not for many months. If you frequently have new content people will come to expect it and will thereby always go to your website at those times to get it. You want to keep them guessing so they never want to look at your website.

Don’t participate in other communities. Nothing people like more than you participating in their communities and commenting (tastefully) on their blogs. So if you don’t want people commenting on your site, don’t comment on theirs.

Copy and paste from another website. I don’t advocate stealing content, you should give full credit, and in some cases get permission. However, when search engines detect a lot of copying your search engine ranking will become pretty low.

Key words, either lots and lots of them, or none at all. See people search for certain keywords so you usually want to optimize your articles with keywords that pertain to what people search. However in this case you don’t want people searching for stuff on your website, so don’t put any relevant keywords on your site. If you are going to put in keywords then overload it with the keywords, because search engines may rank them lower.

Finally low quality links and tons of ads. There’s nothing people hate worse than a bunch of no-account links and lily-livered advertisements.

If you follow these tips, then you will hardly get any web traffic to your website even when creating new content.

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