The 3 R’s of waste – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Now you would think that here at “I’ll Do It On Monday!” that we wouldn’t care about the environment. And usually you would be right, however I found out that even we here at ‘Monday’ could reduce, reuse, and recycle. Let me give you some suggestions.

Reduce – Maybe fat slobs (like me) should reduce their intake of food so that we have less human waste and emissions. Reduce the number of infomercials on TV. Reduce illegal immigration. Reduce that plastic packaging that requires the Jaws-Of-Life to open. Let’s reduce the amount of money some stars in Hollywood “make” so they can actually spend that money on the movie itself, or pass the saving on-to us. OR reducing the concessions and ticket price of 3D, IMAX, and even regular 2D film-projected movies? Let’s reduce all the gas-prices by using all the avenues of energy we have, you know shale-oil, natural gas, nuclear (tiny nuclear reactors buried underground), oil piped from Alaska. Reduce grocery and fast food prices. When’s the last time you had a value meal from McDonalds for less than 5 US dollars? Reduce educational programming on Saturday Mornings and bring back our regular entertainment cartoons. Reduce the amount of teen sitcoms on the Disney Channel and bring back all the old Disney Movies and cartoons I used to love to watch. Reduce the releases of the Star Wars saga. There’s a lot of stuff we could reduce on this planet.

Reuse – I can think of a few things to reuse. You can reuse chewing gum. I go through chewing gum like water, so any time I can use the same piece over a couple of days means my dollar store gum lasts longer. We’re already reusing things like the toilet, our beds, and our clothes. I tend to reuse my computer on occasion. Could repurpose a few things like I mentioned in my cleaning article, old pizza boxes for target practice. Cardboard boxes for homes for the hobos. Reuse AOL CD’s as coasters. Actually I don’t even know if AOL still exists but that was a good use for their CD’s back in the day. You could reuse old CDs as Frisbees, just be sure not to take someone’s head off.

Recycle – The problem with recycling is I don’t know the difference between that and reusing. I guess recycling would be repurposing items rather than reusing them as intended. Yes I realize its reprocessing material that would be considered waste into base materials for new items. For the sake of this article though, recycling isn’t much different than reusing. I guess you could say I recycle my movies. I recycle my old video games sometimes. Basically I will watch or play and then re-watch and re-play. I watch movies in a cycle, older to newer, then back to older again. If you’re riding a bicycle more than once you’re recycling.

So I guess there you have it, environmentally conscious — After a fashion. Remember you can’t have environmental without being mental.

Until ‘Monday’

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