The top 5 pros and cons of top ten lists.

We here at ‘Monday’ think top ten lists are great, however, top ten lists can be good or bad, or in this case good and bad. Since we at “I’ll do it on Monday” are lazy we will orient the pros and cons of top ten lists to that end.

1. Can be a great source of busy work.

2. Are easy to do

3. Can be copied from other top ten lists.

4. Can easily be made up

5. Can give you content for your blog without having any real content in them.

1. Can lead to getting things done

2. Can make you actually productive

3. Can quickly give you more content for your blog

4. Are about things you could care less about

5. Are so easy to do that there are a billion of them all over the net.

So technically speaking that’s ten items, just five items apiece.

Until ‘Monday’

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