Don’t live up to your potential

What does “Live up to your potential” mean anyway? I think it has something to do with the fact that we all have abilities to do more than we’re doing. For instance being a rock star, writing a best-selling novel, or trying to press 350lbs (admittedly that number was pulled out of my butt). So when they say live up to your potential they mean get off your rump and make it happen. Since we have this incredible brain I guess the impetus is for us to use it as much as we can.

Here at ‘Monday’ we don’t really believe in living up to our potential. Why create expectations. It’s easier just to stay in the rut you’re in. Stay in your comfort zone and don’t do anything to challenge yourself. Challenge is, well… challenging. At ‘Monday’ we try to keep challenge and hard work to a minimum. Don’t set any goals to make you reach higher peaks of being. It’s just a lot of work and when you reach a goal, what’s next, another goal? What is up with that anyways?

They say we use less than 10% of our brain. Is this not living up to our potential? Not really see back a long time ago like biblically long, people lived to 1000 years so think about this, we live to about 100 now (well really 70-80 but that’s just splitting hairs). Guess what, 100 is 10% of 1000. So that tells me one thing. The brain wasn’t meant to learn a lot of new stuff and accomplish a lot. It was meant to hold data, like 1000 years worth of experience.

Live up to your potential sounds like fortune cookie advice. I want a fortune that says you will get gold pieces by the bushel. (Actually I have one that says just that and I laminated it.) (Actually I just put some scotch tape over it, so it’s sort of like laminating.) And by golly I expect my gold pieces by the bushel, not a handful of potential.

Until ‘Monday’

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