Getting nothing done.

Here instead of getting things done, we here at ‘Monday’ want to get nothing done and to be lazy. This is our only goal in life. Take what you can, give nothing back. Well at least that’s what Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs says. Here at ‘Monday’ we live by that statement whole-heartedly.

First tip, never read Getting Things Done by David Allen. It’s all about getting organized, getting your tasks and project and stuff out of your head and onto paper. It’s about doing task lists and more. I’ve actually read it, and have to say that if you follow it you WOULD get things done, but since we don’t want to get anything done I’d say step away from that bookshelf!

Try to focus on long periods of time for work, and don’t work in short bursts. Getting tired means not getting things done because you can’t think straight anymore. If it can be performed in less than 2 minutes, do it later, because it’s so short it’s not important enough to do now.

Don’t make things simple. Make them as complex as you can. Try to do everything at once, and have a billion lists for everything. Don’t have an inbox where you put stuff even things you need to write down on paper. Instead have a bunch of boxes of all kinds of stuff. Soon you’ll be pushing paper like a pro and getting so inundated with work that you just aren’t going to get that many things done.

Never put anything in to actionable items. Like that less than 2 minutes rule, these are actionable items. Things you can do in less than two minutes. Don’t let your projects get to the stage of being broken down into enough tasks that you can actually do them. Get nothing done, not getting things done.

Think high tech, and don’t do anything unless you can use a software program to do it. Don’t even do anything unless you can turn on your computer. Keeping to low-tech tools like pencil and paper might actually help you get things done faster because of their simple nature, can be carried anywhere and can work almost immediately. So the higher tech and the more software you have to learn the better.

Hopefully this will help you not get anything done. If you do get anything done go stand in the corner until your work piles up again. Do nothing, be nothing.

Until ‘Monday’

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