The art of being lazy.

Whereas procrastination is the act of putting something off, laziness is the condition of not wanting to take action. Let’s face it; we don’t want to do work. We would rather just veg out in front of the TV. Laziness is a time-honored tradition, from the cave-man who just “didn’t feel like” making fire, to the husband/father who just wanted to sit on the couch and drink beer. Of course being lazy is easier said than done. Being lazy is an art, and great art takes practice.

A good place to start is by turning on the TV. Find a soap opera. Yes even if you are male, you need to find a soap opera. There’s nothing better for being lazy than watching your ‘stories’. I like sleeping because like procrastination you don’t even know it. When you wake up late from sleeping in you might as well do nothing for the rest of the day since it’s already dinner time. See that trash over there, let it pile up. I would suggest, however, that you tie up the garbage bag and get it ready to be taken out, then whenever you look at it you’ll think “I’ll do it later”. Plus the trash doesn’t stink as bad.

The best thing to remind you is to do it later, and when that time comes, think about it again. Laziness is the result of a failure to act on your obligations and goals. Don’t move around a lot, because getting moving might stop your laziness. Don’t break down larger projects into smaller tasks, sort of like what you’re not supposed to do for procrastination. A lot of things you use to procrastinate, you can also use to be lazy, like starting a project that’s so overwhelming you can’t think to do it.

Laziness is, therefore, the art of being passive when you know something should be done, because after all it can be done later right?

Until ‘Monday’

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